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Ola is a privacy-focused zkVM (zero-knowledge virtual machine) designed to enable secure and confidential computations. It empowers developers to execute privacy-preserving algorithms and protect sensitive data with the power of zero-knowledge cryptography. With Ola, developers can harness the benefits of zkVM technology to build privacy-enhanced applications and ensure data confidentiality.

Ola Developer Townhall Coterie serves as an exclusive hub for all Ola builders to connect, collaborate, and share experiences with all other Ola builders. Additionally, within this coterie, you can access valuable Ola resources, receive support from peers, and keep yourself updated with the latest developments and trends in the Ola ecosystem.

For OLA Builder State Campaign:

  • Link GitHub to verify builder/backer identity & interact with each other.

  • Make sure to link wallet on Aspecta to get verified on Galxe.

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