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Foresight X OpenBuild Hong Kong Hacker House

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Foresight X, the accelerator arm of $400m fund Foresight Ventures, now launches its "OpenBuild" hack series and will host the first in-person hacker house in Hong Kong, China from April 10 to April 14, 2023. The OpenBuild HK hacker house is workshop style where we will bring the most influential guest speakers to provide mind-shaping content , and also providing ground work mentorship and workshops to actually help hackers debugs and build better. Apart from getting $15k prizes, projects may receive potential follow-up investment and acceleration once joining Foresight X accelerator upcoming cohorts.

Official Website:
Time: 2023/04/10 - 2023/04/14
Join the Hacker Directory: Apply for the Hackathon and submit your Aspecta ID along with the application.
Contact Us[email protected] (email), (Discord), @aspecta_id (Twitter)

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