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Boundless Hackathon @Stanford

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The Boundless Hackathon @Stanford is co-hosted by Stanford Blockchain Accelerator, Nautilus Chain, Zebec, and Rootz Labs. Projects building on all chains can apply for the hackathon and participants can choose from a range of exciting tracks, including DeFi, Gaming, NFT, Infra, and collaborate with other like-minded individuals to bring their visions to life using the latest shared security infrastructure. With cutting-edge tools and resources at their disposal, attendees can push the limits of what's possible and make an impact on the future of the blockchain industry.

Official Website:
Time: 2023/06/04 - 2023/07/01
Join the Hacker Directory: Apply for the Hackathon and submit your Aspecta ID along with the application.
Contact Us: [email protected] (email), (Discord), @aspecta_id (Twitter)

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