Builders Resolution

Meet Innovators and Ignite 2024 Together
What is Builders Resolution? See Benefits
Builders Resolution
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Builders Resolution
Meet Innovators and Ignite 2024 Together

Builders Resolution is a New Year Aspiration campaign empowering Web3 developer ecosystem, powered by Aspecta, Galxe, and Polygon. The campaign aims to unite web3 builders to foster connections and ignite innovation for 2024, a year full of opportunities and potential. It is also part of a long-term initiative (Polygon Builder State) to support Polygon developer ecosystem.

Date: 12/28/2023  - 01/26/2024

Join Builders Resolution in two simple steps 

Claim Builder/Backer NFTs on Polygon

  • Link your GitHub to discover your builder achievements in different domains on Aspecta.

  • Claim Builder NFT for any one of your eligible builder achievements.

  • Not a builder? Complete backer quests and claim your Backer NFT.

Claiming Builders/Backer NFT on Polygon is a permanent recognition of your contribution and support to the open-source community. Once claimed, you will access all future benefits/rewards/resources for campaigns & activations on Aspecta associated with Polygon.

Empower the Community

  • Participants will be invited to Polygon Builder State, an online gathering space for builders to find and meet each other and access ecosystem opportunities. It is also a data-intelligent channel for the Polygon team to manage, vitalize, and grow the builder community in the long term.

  • Decorate your Builder State/Coterie card and your profile with your 2024 New Year Plan. Let opportunities find you!

Exclusive Benefits for Builders Resolution

Once you successfully claim your Builder/Backer NFT on Ploygon and verify the status on Galxe

  • You will be able to access a raffle pool of more than $200k of New Year Rewards. For detailed rules, please check Galxe New Year Festival 2024 Guide.

  • You will gain 80 Aspecta building points, which recognize your contribution to Aspecta ecosystem.


1. I claimed Builder/Backer NFT on Polygon before. Will that make me eligible to access the raffle pool for the Builders Resolution campaign?

Yes, this is a permanent recognition of your contribution and support to the open-source community. If you have claimed the NFT before, please go directly to Galxe to verify this status. You DO NOT need to claim it again this time.

2. I claimed Builder/Backer NFT on other chains before. Does that count?

No, for Builders Resolution, only NFT holders on Polygon will be eligible for benefits. 

3. What is the cost to participate in Builders Resolution?

      A fixed fee of 1.25 Matic.

      4. How to check the campaign status?

      Please go to the Galxe to check your campaign status and read the Galxe New Year Festival 2024 Guide for further details about the raffle pool.

      Thanks for participating. Let us build together! 



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